It’s Time, for a revolution of the mind.” Once in a lifetime, one will
experience a voice that can inspire the soul and touch the heart. A voice
that seems to echo from the depths of humanity with the capability to uplift
the spirits of many—- Major Daps

Major Daps or “Daps” as he is affectionately known to his friends and
colleagues, was born in the beautiful parish of Clarendon on the influential
island of Jamaica. He now resides in the United States.

Major Daps draws on the love, wisdom and lessons taught by his beloved
Grandmother Irene Mama Maudlin, as well as his relationship with close knit family to forge a passion for culture, and a respect for justice that is expressed in his music. Major
Daps said the power of his Love is not to rejoice in what is morally wrong- the destruction of the Cockpit
Country- but to rejoice in what is, true, what is good, and what is beautiful in Jamaica—the Cockpit

He said he’s fighting to save the Cockpit Country from the government who is failing to protect
the rights of the lawful owners of the Cockpit Country—the Maroons/Jamaicans. That is why he has
written the No Mining in the Cockpit Country Anthem, for posterity.
His ability to express the pain of heartbreak, the pleasure of companionship, and the anticipation of
romance make him an incredibly versatile artist.

Listening to Major Daps’ songs especially “Part-Time
Lover,” Aroma” and “Once Twice,” will give everyone an insight into his battle with love and who he
truly is. His stage presence will captivate you, and his voice will draw each listener closer to his

Major Daps has always used Reggae music as an avenue to express his innermost thoughts and
feelings. For these reason, he is known as a sensitive artist, and songs like “Ghetto Vibes” and “Dem
A Old Murderer,” will evoke tears, and a sense of purpose to help eradicate injustice.

Major Daps has
had the wonderful opportunity to work with and open-up shows for such renowned artists as: Maxi
Priest, Anthony B, Capleton, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea, and Terror Fabulous, among

Major Daps has dedicated himself to make music that will uplift, enlighten as well as entertain
his listeners,
When asked where his music will be in the future he boldly replied, “Afar, to uplift and teach the people
to aspire for the right things in life—the best is yet to come.”

Major Daps thanks his grandmother for the
development of his voice, but he humbly gives credit for his lyrical inspiration to the teachings of Imperial
Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

He does not wear dreadlocks but he is engrossed in the core
philosophy of Rastafarianism – righteousness. This is what connected him to the magnificent world class history and exquisiteness of the pristine Cockpit Country.

Major Daps’ greatest ambition is to travel the world so that his voice for justice and
his embrace of clean and righteous Reggae music can be heard around the world.

He is deeply influenced by the resilience and warrior spirit and he is calling on the
oppressed and progressive people around the world to unite and vigorously fight
against oppressive governments and to pay particular attention to the horrors of
climate change—especially in Jamaica and particularly in the Cockpit Country where
there should be—NO MINING!

The Maroon people of the Sovereign State of Accompong and the entire Cockpit
Country, the Council of Overseas and the Concerned Citizens and Friends of the
Diaspora SALUTE MAJOR DAPS for his masterful creation of the Cockpit Country
Anthem “No Mining,” under Jah Music Enterprises Records Distribution
September 28, 2019.