Once in a lifetime, one will experience a voice that can inspire the soul and touch the heart. A voice that seems to echo from the depths of humanity with the capability to uplift the spirits of many.

Major Daps or “Daps” as many of his colleagues call him, was born on the beautiful and influential island of Jamaica. Major Daps uses his experiences from Jamaica as well as the love and wisdom of his Grandmother Irene, Mama Maudlyn, and the rest of his close knit family members to create a sense of passion, culture, and admiration within music.

Love is no stranger to Major Daps. His ability to express the pain of heartbreak, the pleasure of companionship, and the anticipation of romance makes him an incredibly versatile artist. Listening to songs like “Part Time Lover”, Aroma” and “Once Twice” by Major Daps, will give everyone a little insight on his battle with love. His stage presence will captivate an audience,while his voice will draw each listener closer to his personal emotions.

Major Daps has had the wonderful opportunity to work with and open up for artists like Lady Saw, Anthony B, Capleton, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Maxi Priest, Cocoa Tea, Terror Fabulous, and many others. Major Daps is determined to make music that will continue to be informative as well as entertaining. If someone would ask this artist where his music would be in the future he would reply, “Beyond the future,it will uplift the people and teach them the right things about life”.

Major Daps has always used Reggae music as a tool and outlet to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. For this reason, he is known as an intimate artist, and songs like “Dem A Old Murderer”, and “Ghetto Vibes” will evoke tears, laughter, and love. Major Daps thanks his grandmother for the development of his voice, but he humbly gives credit for his lyrical inspiration to Emperor Haile Selassie I and the teachings of his Imperial Majesty.

Major Daps is currently traveling the world, so that his resounding voice and musical genres of cleanliness, godliness and righteousness can be heard around the world…